Tuesday, February 2, 2016

All right, our blog looks a little empty. Lets see if we can remedy that. We just had our first week of games class, 7 boys and a lone girl showed up.

For our first week we split in a groups and played Hanabi. Hanabi is a great cooperative card game. The object is to build the best fireworks display we can as a group. We had a little bit of a learning curve to overcome, so our first fireworks display scored a 13 out of a possible 25. We are also going to try playing Hanabi for our second week to see if we can improve on our score. We hopefully picked up a little logic that will help propel our firework display into a great one during week 2.

We have lots of great games planned for the future. Games like Pit, Superfight, Picwits, Parchisi, Category 5, Ticket to ride and hopefully many more. Our goal is to expose kids to different types of games, not just competitive games where they try to come in first place. Hanabi is a great example of a cooperative game because we win or lose as a group.

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